Dishthi Competency Building Courses

Techno based, Learner focused and result oriented classes

Dishthi Competency Building Courses evolved based on the observations made during Dishthi Mentorship Programs. The inability to grasp the basic concepts in the core subjects by the learners in the lower classes was found to be the most challenging factor that hindered their progress in the higher grades.

Dishthi Competency Building Courses is designed in an organised and systematic way as it starts from the beginner level to the advanced level. The level to start with is determined based on the competency skill test results. Students are expected to progress at different rates based on their level of achievement. This course is tailored for the individual needs of the student.

Course details

Duration: 60 minutes of 75 sessions

Size : 12 to 15 students per session

Teaching methods
  1. Activity and play way method
  2. Technology based teaching
  3. Dynamic, interactive and innovative methods
Course structure

Dishthi Competency courses include five levels of teaching

  1. Foundation
  2. Level 1 Developing
  3. Level 2 Expanding
  4. Level 3 Bridging
  5. Advanced

Competency skill test will be conducted to identify your skill level and readiness in each subject and to place you in an appropriate program of study.

Uniqueness of Dishthi Competency Building Courses
  1. Skills enriched based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  2. Individual attention
  3. Working on the basics
  4. Learning through games and activities
  5. Online and offline worksheets Tailored to individual need
  6. One on one classes for students below foundation level
  7. Highly qualified ,dedicated and experienced teachers
  8. Infused technology into classrooms