Dishthi Math Competency Building (Dishthi MCB) Courses

Dishthi MCB course offers Mathematics as an additional learning session preparing students for upgrading their academic success. Our Math Competency Building course is designed for students who need maths preparation from starting at the beginner level to the advanced level. Learners can start at any level depending on their placement test results. Students can expect to progress at different rates based on their level of achievement. This course is tailored for the students based on their individual needs.

Math Competency Skill Test

The purpose of competency skill test is to determine the individual’s skill level and readiness. The competency skill test serves to evaluate different levels of academic preparation. The goal of this test is not simply to achieve high scores, but to identify your skill levels in Math and to place you in an appropriate program of study that includes courses that are not above or below your level of preparation, but offers an appropriate challenge and chance to succeed.

Levels in Dishthi MCB
Foundation Level
  • Understands the basics of numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Solving 1, 2 and 3 step problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Memorizing multiplication tables upto 20.
  • Understanding the foundations of fractions, decimals, mental maths and geometry
  • Have a good grasp on counting, partitioning and calculating, number facts, measuring, estimating, data handling and much more.
  • Understanding basic geometrical shapes.
Level 1 - Developing
  • Represent whole numbers, compare order, add and subtract integers, carryout the four operations with rational numbers
  • Recall and focus on fractions and decimals
  • Working with calculating perimeter and area, converting units of measurement
  • Analyse and solve word problem
  • Verify if calculations are correct
  • Interpreting tables charts and line graphs
  • Understanding angles, shapes, percentages, mental maths and much more
Level 2 - Expanding
  • Concept of irrational numbers, recurring decimals, rounding decimals, connect fractions, decimals and percentage
  • Calculate best buys, solve problems on profit and loss
  • Create algebraic expressions, extend and apply the laws and properties of arithmetic to algebraic terms and exponents
  • Given co -ordinates plot points on cartesian plane, plot linear relations on the cartesian plane
  • Calculate areas and volumes, classify triangles, features of circles, define congruence
  • Calculate mean, median, mode and describe and interpret data
Level 3 - Bridging
  • Understanding number theory and algebra, geometry and measurements , statistics and probability
  • Working with real numbers, solving problems on ratio and proportions, money and financial mathematics
  • Factorising algebraic expressions, simplify problems on linear equations, simple exponential equations and sketch graphs
  • Investigate concept of polynomials , apply and understanding of polynomials
  • Remember units of measurements, apply geometrical reasoning, solve problems involving areas and volumes
  • Investigate pythagoras theorem, define trigonometric functions
  • Understanding data representation and interpretation
  • Understanding sets and their representations, relations and functions, trigonometric functions
  • Solving problems on complex numbers, quadratic equations, permutation and combinations, sequences and series, matrices and determinants
  • Learning concepts of coordinate geometry like straight lines, conic sections, 3 dimensional geometry
  • Understanding Calculus- limits and derivatives, continuity and differentiability, integrals, differential equation
  • Mathematical reasoning which includes connecting to words and phrases, validating statements and much more
  • Calculating measure of dispersion, mean deviation, random experiments, events, Multiplication theorem of probability, conditional probability
  • Vectors, scalars, magnitude and directions of vectors, cartesian and vector equation of a line, a plane
  • Understanding the concepts of constraints, optimization, graphical method of solutions in linear programming
How can Dishthi MCB help students in different levels?

In the Mathematics competency building course the learners who take up the foundation level will be learning all the basic concepts required to match their academics. Intense coaching will be given in all the areas of mathematics such as:

  1. Arithmetic
  2. Algebra
  3. Geometry
  4. Calculus
  5. Applied mathematics

The learners in the level 1, 2, 3 and advanced will be mainstreamed into their normal classes helping them to enhance their academic performance and to reach the next level. If the learner is not able to meet the criteria’s of the level according to their standard type he/she will have to start from the foundation level.

In each level, the complexity of the problems is increased there by developing skills such as speed, logical reasoning, mental ability, analytical and problem solving.

Uniqueness of the course
  • Individual attention
  • Helping to solve puzzles
  • Apply maths in everyday life
  • Handled by experienced teachers
  • Improving efficiency and accuracy
  • Enhancing academic performance
  • Identifying the level of each students
  • Working on improving basic concepts
  • Memorization and verification capabilities
  • Confidence in cracking competitive exams
  • Worksheets and activities in a fun way of learning
  • Overcoming the fear of maths and misconceptions