Dishthi Mentorship

Dishthi Mentorship helps individuals to discover their own self, empower the potential in them, inspire to become who they want to be by instilling faith and hope in their dreams and aspirations.

Mentorship creates an environment where the mentee acquire a self caring mentor with whom he/she can connect or bond. The mentee also gets a friend in whom he/she can confide and discuss all matters. Dishthi mentorship uses a multifaceted approach to help the mentee to foster academic success, psychological and emotional health and promote positive outcomes by involving them in the process of thinking. The best advantage of mentorship is the parent involvement where they can share their concerns openly and resolve them. The collaborative efforts of the mentee, mentor and the parents will help in shaping the mentee's future positively.

The confidentiality will be maintained throughout.

Uniqueness of Dishthi Mentorship
  • Builds resilience
  • Exposes to new ideas
  • Improves socializing skills
  • Discovers untapped potential
  • Provides personalized attention
  • Enables to set and achieve goals
  • Enables efficient use of free time
  • Reduces symptoms of depression
  • Strengthens communication skills
  • Helps to identify positive role model
  • Boosts self esteem and self confidence
  • Improves behaviour at school and home
  • Increases self control and self management
  • Reinforces values and healthier relationships
  • Provides need based assistance for academics
  • CREATES A BONDING WITH MENTEE, which can go beyond academics and can even go on for lifetime!!!

These are achieved by intense and deep interaction with mentee and the parents to understand the areas of strengths and concerns, which are very individualistic.